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Mottanai Akihabara Flea Market 【Videos】

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A few years ago, when I went as usual to akiba,  happened to find a small market where they were sold and exhibited   all kinds of products but the figures, models and other related to the Akihabara made the masterpiece.

I was amazed and very happy especially because I could find many interesting pieces, both the latest releases that some old collectibles. Practically who sell are people using the place to sell their things.
In Akihabara, there are many game building where you can win many figures (with those who call UFO), there are people "specialized" in these games that win many pieces and then resell them  eheheh :D

The market takes place still in this days (this summer have been there 2 times :D) and you can get, depending on the schedule, 2 or 4 times a month to Akiba near UDX Build.

For those who are unfamiliar with Akihabara, is it the large building not far from the right exit of the station, same building where you find also the Anime Center. Pretty much it stays inside from the main road:


Mottanai Akihabara Flea Market map

It 'an interesting place to visit and you will find many nice pieces getting a good deal at times, but sometimes the prices are too exaggerated :D.
If happen to go to Akihabara I hope you manage to find the right dates, is a small market, but it's a nice experience, and who knows, maybe you could find the piece you're looking for at a good price;) ... enjoy the video I took for you to the market this summer


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